Selected high quality papers from ICCN-2023 proceedings will be further reviewed and published in the journal Carbon Neutrality (

Carbon Neutrality is an international, multi-disciplinary open access journal in the areas of low carbon science, technology, and policy. The APCs are fully covered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The mission of Carbon Neutrality is to communicate the most cutting-edge technologies in carbon neutrality to the research community, policy decision-makers, and other types of stakeholders. The journal covers a broad range of low-carbon research including renewable energy and energy storage; smart energy systems; decarbonization of traditional energy; carbon capture, utilization and storage; carbon sink and carbon sequestration; strategies to tackling climate change; environment and energy policies; carbon finance and carbon management, etc. The journal aims to publish advanced and up-to-date original research and review papers with highest quality in the low carbon field, to promote information and knowledge exchange on the frontier scientific research, and to contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

Carbon Neutrality welcomes submissions related to low carbon that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Low Carbon Energy
  • Integrated smart energy systems
  • Renewables and energy storage
  • Decarbonization of traditional energy
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage
  • Low carbon energy materials
  1. Ecosystem Carbon Sink and Environmental Governance
  • Carbon sink and carbon sequestration of marine and terrestrial ecosystem
  • Carbon footprint and emission monitoring
  • Synergic governance of environment and climate change
  • Waste resource recycling and utilization
  1. Carbon Finance, Management and Policy
  • Carbon pricing theory and market practice
  • Climate investment and finance
  • Low carbon policy and governance
  • Transition to carbon neutral economy

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